Close the books in minutes.

Shave days off your work every month with Journalize by automating your GL entries.

Save time or your money back.

We promise that our software can take days off your monthly. If not, we'll refund you, no questions asked.


Transform Excel files into journal entries.

Say goodbye to gigantic Excel files. No more requests to the development team.

  • Automate entries

    Automatic Journal Entries

    Journalize will take your existing reports and automate the process of creating GL entries.

  • Audit trail

    Fully explainable financials

    Drill down and see the underlying data for each line item transaction. Every entry is fully explainable.

  • Scale

    Your business isn't slowing down, why should your GL?

    Most GLs become unusably slow over time. Journalize's ledger can track millions of line-item details without slowing down.

  • Developer-friendly

    Use Journalize without involving the engineering team. But if they really want to, they're welcome to use our API.
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  • Money-back guarantee.

    If we're not able to take days off of your monthly close process, you can opt-out of your contract at any time. No questions asked.